Book design elements

Frequently, a simple book cover is not enough, and clients want to accentuate certain features to make it more interesting or appealing. We can offer several book design elements in this respect.

Take a look below, where we have prepared information on how to choose the right materials, sizes and how to prepare a layout. ↓

Daži no grāmatu dizaina elementiem


Congreve is a free form imprint on the book cover. Usually, congreve is used to highlight title of the book and some special element on the cover of the book.


Embossing in various colours can be used on the book cover. Golden and silver embossing are most common; however, many other colours are available. Embossed books are sure to attract attention!

UV partial lacquering

UV partial lacquering is a way to highlight separate elements of the book cover, but is not as flashy as foil. Partial lacquering creates an interesting play of light and reflection on the book cover, when, for example, an element is covered with matted lacquer or vice versa.

Corrugated back

A corrugated back cover definitely lends the impression of a very expensive and valuable book! A corrugated back is characteristic of classic books, which we associate with something ancient and valuable. Such books draw attention, even on a shelf of many other books.

Rounded or metal corners

Do you want to give the book an accent - maybe unconventional rounded corners for a soft volume, or, for example, metal corners for a hard volume?

Bookmark or divider

The divider not only gives the book a solid sense of completeness, but also has a very practical application. Taking a book with a ribbon in hand, it seems that the publisher has worked hard to make the book enjoyable!

Are you ready to publish your book? We are here to implement your ideas!

If all of the above is not enough, we can offer to create a special, exclusive book. Almost everything is possible.
We can offer both genuine leather covers and incorporate various elements into the cover, and we can also create a special box for the book from natural wood.

Let your imagination run wild and we will try to make it come true! Imagine the fantastic look of a book with natural leather covers, foil stamped on the cover, corrugated back and tinted sides!