Recommended book size

The size of the book can significantly impact the price of printing the book. The sizes provided below will ensure the best offer for the most favourable price.

Depending on the amount of text and genre, it is important to choose the correct size of the book, as A4 book with several tens of pages would look ridiculous, meanwhile in the smallest available, the so called pocket-size, it will be considerably thicker. And vice versa – a large text should better be printed using the popular A5 or even A4 format, as, however, genius the printed text is, a thick format will be neither convenient, nor attractive for readers. Although, we can provide any size book from A6 to A4, it would be better to choose one of the recommended sizes that would ensure the fastest printing and the best price for your book.

110 x 180 mm

Standard pocket-size book. Popular size for fiction books, poetry, etc. This size is usually used to printing series of books: detective novels, classics, etc.

148 x 210 mm

Classic A5 format used to majority of books. It can be used for fiction and scientific books.

170 x 240 mm

Larger A5 format that is very popular in Scandinavia. Different books are printed in this format. This format is an alternative to a larger A5 but not as large as A4. It should be noted that for this size books a larger print sheet is necessary, therefore the expenses would increase along with the final price of the book.

210 x 297 mm

Classic A4 format. It is usually used to print scientific researches, reports and similar works. Hardback book of this size is very suitable for children’s books.

It should be noted that SIA “Drukātava” provides an opportunity to print any size book from A6 to A4.