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Majority of people at some point in their lives have considered writing and publishing a book – a love story, detective novel, philosophic contemplation about the world, childhood memories or sharing with scientific findings. However, many of them have been held back by the thought that publishing a book is very expensive. It is not true! SIA “Drukātava” is a company offering everybody a chance to publish their book! 

Even in 1 copy

In a short time

Reasonable cost

5 steps to publish a book

01. Write the text

Out of these five steps, the client’s main task is to create the text and that can be about everything. 

02. The text must be reviewed

If the client wants, we are able to provide a review of the text carried out by a professional proof-reader. 

03. Create a text layout for printing

We also offer you to create the layout and design of the book, for cover and pages of the book.

04. Create a design (pages, cover)

Of course, if you think you are able to carry out review and develop design, you can do it yourself and submit us a ready file. Get to know how to prepare a file correctly here.

05. Book printing

When the text has been reviewed, a layout and design has been developed the necessary number of copies will be soon printed. We use only the latest digital printing technologies, therefore, we guarantee the necessary number of high-quality books.

Take advantage of digital printing

Print as MUCH as needed

If you cannot forecast the demand for the book, we can print the number of the necessary copies (even one copy) in a short period of time, be it when somebody has expressed a with to buy your book. It means that all the printed copies will be always sold and the remaining copies will not take up space in warehouses. There will be only the print file in the “warehouse” that will be used when somebody wants to buy it.

Print WHEN needed

Your work will be stored in our archives and, if you will require to print even only some copies, we will be delighted to do it. Moreover, you will be able to introduce changes in the next copies. Therefore the life of your book will not end along with printing of the first copy, the book will be alive and changing as long as you will be willing to change its contents. It is especially important in the case of scientific literature – this provides an opportunity to remain up-to-date in line with the latest finding in the world, conclusions of researchers or developments in the respective area.

The latest technology

Many years of experience

Guaranteed quality

How much does it cost to publish your book?

Publishing expenses depend on several factors, including individual wishes of the client as regards the style of the book.

Key criteria to be considered when calculating the expenses of publishing:

We offer you different opportunities how to make publishing affordable, cheap and accessible to everybody. Take a look here, why print books digitally? Or calculate the price instantly online by clicking the button below!

If you won't try - you won't find out!

As during the years of operation SIA “Drukātava” has established a large network of contact, we can offer you assistance in popularising your book. If your material will be very high-quality and impressive and if we will see commercial opportunities, it is possible that SIA “Drukātava” will cover all expenses and consider popularising the book. 

Apply your project now!

What do you need to do to implement your idea? 

01. Contact us

Write an email to, call +371 23477000 or fill out the form here

02. Get an answer

We will reply as soon as possible and discuss the nuances and costs of the order. 

03. Execution of the order

After an agreement, we execute the order within our agreed time limits.

If Your idea is original and we haven't mentioned it on our website, don't worry!

We like crazy and original ideas! The crazier, the more interesting! Our highly qualified and experienced specialists will figure out how to turn them into a real product!