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Short run book printing

We print and bind all kinds of books even in one copy - paperback books, hardcover books, as well as exclusive bound books.

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Book printing and options

The biggest advantage of digital book printing is that there is no limit to the number of books you can print. Although it sounds incredible, a single copy of the book is possible!

Types of bookbinding

A wide range of different types of binding for the style, feel, and functionality of your book. We will recommend the most suitable one for you! 


Surprise the book recipient! Print a personal dedication in the book or name the main character after the recipient. This is also possible when printing a book using digital technologies!

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Find out printing costs

Digital printing technology is evolving rapidly and is gaining ground in the book printing market. Find out how much your preferred book would cost in our price calculator. 

Who can we help?

Book printing services

For publishing houses

When printing at least 300 books, we will print each subsequent copy for the same price per copy.

Educational institutions

Printing, binding, lamination of study materials - textbooks, scientific works, etc. 

For new authors

Book printing is possible even in one copy! Make your dream come true with your book. 

E-commerce companies

We print a variety of products for e-commerce companies and arrange for them to be shipped to final recipients on your behalf.

Printing books digitally?

The benefits of digital printing

Short execution deadlines

Print as many copies as needed

Opportunity to view a ready-made sample book before printing

No storage needed for books

High print quality

The endless life cycle of a book

It all starts with an idea!

Experience since 2005

Everything began with an idea of digital printing as a very interesting and prospective industry. We dared to start this business without any money, equipment, professional experience but with a very strong determination. We found a friend who trusted us with the equipment and in May 2005 in the basement on Lāčplēša Street we started to turn our dream into reality.

At that time it was something completely new – to print one copy of a book. Our potential clients had to be convinced that is possible. However, it was proven that digital technologies make the publishing of small print run cheaper. It was especially important for educational institutions – universities and technical schools.

“Drukātava is still the only company specialising in digital printing of books, in addition offering digital printing for business cards, catalogues, brochures, stickers and other materials."

Valdis Jirgens

Founder, Ltd Drukātava


Let the works speak

Digital printing provides a number of advantages, but is primarily an opportunity to create splendid and high-value printing works at a reasonable cost in a comparatively short time, even a single copy, which is extremely expensive using traditional technologies. The equipment at our disposal and corresponding technologies, as well as our long experience enables us to create truly impressive high-quality digital printing products.

Satisfied customers


Our goal is to successfully combine the company's development and responsibility to customers, employees and the environment, as well as to find modern solutions to achieve customer goals.

The print work by SIA “Drukātava” is highly demanded. Our clients include such well known companies and educational institutions as AS “Latvenergo”, University of Latvia, Rīga Technical University, Rīga Stradiņš University, University of Daugavpils, Ventspils University College, as well as several other colleges and institutes. Services provided by SIA “Drukātava” are used by several Latvian and Scandinavian publishing houses and approximately 70% of books printed by SIA “Drukātava” are exported, as not only local but also foreign clients highly appreciate our services.

We will implement your ideas!

SIA "Drukātava" uses technologies for printing books, which allow printing both one or a few hundred copies of the book for a really low, constant and competitive price per copy. All the customer needs to print the book is to start a conversation with us. We will help!

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